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All Winter Coats Are
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Budget-Friendly New and Pre-owned Merchandise

Find budget-friendly new and pre-owned merchandise at Prosperity Second Hand. Our online thrift shop offers a wide range of products, including secondhand clothing, jewelry, shoes, as well as appliances and even knickknacks you've never seen before.

Backed by more than 2 decades of retail experience, we continue to provide excellent items at reasonable prices to our valued shoppers. Our keen eye for shopping allows us to recognize apparel that is similar to expensive fashions but is much more affordable.

When you buy at our thrift shop, you save money because we sell items at lower prices compared to other retail stores. Buy the valuable items that you need today!

Great Looks for Less

Our thrift shop is the perfect choice if you're looking for budget-friendly clothes that suit your style. Take note that we do not perform credit checks, so you can purchase anything from our store without any problem.

About Us

Passionate about helping others, our owner used to take care of disabled individuals and even handled their money. She is not only a church secretary, but also a missionary in charge of nurses of the church. Truly, our owner has a heart for people in need.